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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates

 Lessons for Children / Teens / Adults

Suzuki Guitar

Classical Guitar Lessons

 Children’s Songbook

(4 - 10) years

Children learn to play and sing
well known children’s songs on the
guitar or ukulele.



  • Students are motivated by a positive and supportive learning environment. Students enjoy their lessons immensely. The results are astounding.
  • Learning takes place through small step instruction.
  • Students are taught using a carefully selected, sequenced repertoire of beautiful pieces from the traditional classical guitar repertoire.
  • Students build and accumulate a repertoire of pieces which they learn to perform fluently.
  • Students share a common repertoire making playing with others easy.
  • Students play in an ensemble. This creates community spirit and strengthens their musical skills.
  • Parents participate actively in their children’s musical lives. Stronger bonds are created and each one’s lives are enriched through music. The parents often begin to take lessons as well!
  • Students learn to play pieces by heart, they are less dependent on sheet music and they develop better listening and technical skills. Reading music, however, is not neglected.
  • Listening to music is strongly encouraged, as is attending recitals, concerts and other musical events.