Obtaining The Best Possible Tone

One of the most important principles the Suzuki method addresses, is the emphasis it places on beautiful tone production. Right from the very start, the Suzuki student is introduced to the concept of “Tonalization”. These exercises provide the opportunity to conscientiously focus on the various elements which contribute to producing a beautiful tone. Elements such as even tone and even volume, consistent timbre, smoothness of phrasing, legato phrasing, shape and smoothness of the nail, correct posture and position of the arm, hand and fingers and much more. The “Tonalization” exercises can even become a true workshop on exploring the tonal possibilities of the guitar where the student and teacher can work on perfecting the use of dynamics, vibrato, timbre variations, staccato, learning to eliminate string buzz and other non musical sounds such as fingers squeaks and nails clicks. (more…)

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Ability Development From Age Zero Book Review

The book “Ability Development From Age Zero” by Shinichi Suzuki, has been used for years as a kind of introduction manual for Suzuki parents on the spirit of Suzuki philosophy and education and has often been described as life changing. While reading this book, one is constantly coming across ideas which ring true in their simplicity, leaving readers asking themselves, “How have we gotten so far off track in educating our children?” Shinichi Suzuki, through his commitment to teaching and in writing this book, helps the reader get back on track. (more…)

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Children Learn What They Live Book Review

Children Learn What They Live” was written by by Dorothy Law Nolte. It helps parents raise happy and loving children, giving them insight on how children perceive the world, helping them to understand their children’s fears, their joys and the way they think and feel. It helps parents to be more mindful in dealing with stressful and frustrating situations encountered in everyday family life, helping them to avoid over-reacting to “last-straw” situations. It helps parents understand their children’s needs and treat them with the love and respect they deserve.


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